Sculpt Your City
Sculpt Your City is a case study on Co-Creation and Innovation to make Indian Cities Livable. It is internationally recognized as an Innovation back in 2009 – especially in the SMART CITIES context.

CITIZENS for CITY - launched in 2009 was a contest where more than 100 organizations participated – Scientists, IT professionals, Business leaders, Professors and school students stepped in to contribute strategies to make Hyderabad a World Class city.

Premise: Indian Cities can be made liveable only when many hearts resonate to the city vision, many minds meditate on solutions and many hands shape the contours of development.

Method: Crowd Sourcing

Output: SCULPT your CITY - A knowledge product & a guidance document to make every city livable. A compilation of 21 strategies
Demonstrated that citizens are willing to stop playing critics and partner the government.

Implemented in a few Indian Cities: Smart Parking (Pune, Trivandrum), Car Pooling (Hyderabad), GPRS Protocol for Public Transportation (Hyderabad), Lake Conservation, Civic Sense, Garbage Management…

This process can be Scaled and Replicated across India.
Sculpt Your City
Smart Parking
Civic Sense for
a Sensible and Sensitive City
Making Hyderabad the Street Food Capital of India
Traffic’s a Fuss? Follow the Bus! - Urban Angiography
Carbon Neutral Hyderabad
Sustainable Water Bodies
Water Secure Hyderabad
Flexible Car Pooling
Greening Hyderabad
Environmental Evangelism
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