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SCULPT your CITY CITIZENS for CITY 2009 was recognized by the Government of India as NATIONAL BEST PRACTICE. It was showcased in 100 SMART CITIES Mission Launch by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Output: SCULPT your CITY - A knowledge product & a guidance document to make every city livable. A compilation of 21 strategies.

For more information -

2009 Conceived & Implemented by us

Ministry of Urban Development Government of India
SMART CITIES and Inclusion, Roundtables Objective is 'To generate practical knowledge and know-how in critical aspects of SMART CITIES AND INCLUSION'. More specifically to demystify the concept of Smart Cities and steer the focus from technology to inclusion oriented design

          • Smart Cities & Women
          • Smart Cities & the Disabled
          • Smart Cities & Senior Citizen, Child Friendliness
          • Urban Poor & Smart Cities

It is increasingly becoming clear that cities which are Inclusive - equity oriented, gender sensitive, disabled and senior citizens friendly are growing in number and in popularity. Inclusion it seems is the key for smart cities to succeed. We will share the output of these roundtables with the Union Urban Ministry for Inclusion in their agenda.
British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad 2015 conceived & organized by us
Framework for SMART CITIES Mission - MoUD, Govt of India A Framework for SMART CITIES Mission - SURGE (Smart Urbanization Reinventing Growth with Equity) was conceptualized by FFC and shared with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) in July 2014. The broad contours of Vision, Themes, Guiding Principles, Role of the Mission Directorate etc were shared with the Ministry. This framework was later discussed with the officials of the Ministry and some aspects on Governance reforms and citizen engagement model (SCULPT your CITY – our unique crowed sourcing protocol ) found a place in the ‘Concept Note’ of the Ministry 2014-15 Conceived by us
Policy - Consultative workshops on Smart Cities President of FFC was invited by the Ministry of Urban Development for consultations with Principal Secretaries, Secretaries & Joint Secretaries of all states in Delhi, Mumbai, & Kolkata to share strategic advises in shaping 100 Smart Cities Vision – Analyzing the Conditions Precedent, Identifying, Selecting Criteria for Smart Cities. For more information -
2014-2015 Invited as a Subject Matter Expert
India Smart City Forum An innovative platform with wholesome approach to achieve the 100 Smart Cities program

  • To create a Platform for the Industry to participate and bring Global experiences and best practices for adoption .
  • To provide support to the Government of India in defining the Frameworks, Protocols ,Guidelines, Processes, Models, Standards for Smart Cities
  • To build Capacities across various levels , States, Cities and ULBs for transforming into Smart Citiies.
  • A Multi-Disciplinary approachto build smart cities with Eclectic Inputs / Best of class practices in Urban Design, ICT , Smart Infrastructure, Governance models , Citizen Engagement framework and Innovative Funding Models
2014-15 Conceived, Nuanced and Presented by us
SMART PROCUREMENT Framework A Collaborative Procurement Framework

  • Combines Competition and Collaboration for sourcing the best talent -sharing risk assessments and whole-life cost analysis.
  • Makes the procurement process transparent, innovative, cost effective and exciting
  • Embeds best practices from around the world
  • Supports local talent and local economic development
  • While not totally “Centralizing public procurement” the process aims to standardize solutions for universal application
  • Removes the ambiguity in demonstrated competencies of the solution providers, establishing what is actually available on the market and what worked?
2014-15 Conceived, Nuanced and Presented by us
Smart Cities Index Indian School of Business (ISBMohali Campus), FFC and a few experts are working on developing a Smart Cities Indexfor Indian Cities as a collaborative effort. It is being developed on the lines of Human Development Index, which can be used as a single composite metric to measure the livability/Smartness of a city. This is used on a year to year basis for comparing cities and assessing their progress. 2015

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Roundtable on Smart Cities, AMSTERDAM MISSION headed by the Mayor of Amsterdam Mr.Eberhard van derLaan, Netherlands AMSTERDAM MISSION to India invited President FFC to present & discuss India's Smart Cities Mission - Why, What & How; Country Specific Drivers, specific outcomes that are nuanced at the Urban Ministry in Economic development, Environmental Protection, Waste management, ubiquitous connectivity, Infrastructure development and quality of life elements.

The role out plan of Smart Cities Mission – Engaging private players thru PPP (Public Private Partnerships), innovative Business Models, Global Partnerships, Leveraging existing intellectual assets and creating collaborative platforms between theGovt, Industry, Civil Society. Most importantly incorporating best practices from around the world in this endeavor.
March 2015  
Forum Smart City ‘Build our Metropolis in an Urbanized World’, Smart City of Bordeaux Métropole, Paris, France, April, 2015 FFC was invited to share its innovative techniques for urban transformation by The Forum of Smart City & Smart City of Bordeaux Métropole, France. The roundtable seeks to reflect the new urban practices, technology as strategic lever for development, the changing roles of public and private players, issues involved in urban transformation. Objective of the roundtable was to make Smart City of Bordeaux Métropole a unique destination for entrepreneurs, engineers, decision-makers, intellectuals, political leaders and the new generation. April 2015  
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Roundtable on “Global Big Energy Challenge” New Delhi NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC invited FFC to contribute to “Great Energy Challenge” in the context of Smart Cities. The Big Energy Question is a series of global events to tackle the biggest energy issues facing our world today. The forum convened 40 experts for high-level roundtable discussions about air pollution in India. The roundtables focused on solutions and the role that smart cities, technology, and cooperation in addressing air pollution.

Ms Karuna Gopal , President FFC summarized the discussions of the Smart Cities Roundtable
Dec 2014  
INDIA-USA TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT - Linking Earth Sciences to Smarter Cities, New Delhi Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) invited FFC to contribute its expertise at high-level policy dialogue and roundtables on Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities, Natural Resources, and Earth Sciences. It saw participation from Policy makers, industry leaders, educators, and scientists to discuss key topics for India-U.S. collaborations. Nov 2014  
UK -India Roundtable (based on India's 12th Five Year Plan) on BIG DATA & E-Infrastructure FFC participated in the RCUK India (Research Counil of UK )roundtables on BIG DATA & E-Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities. RCUK India plays a key role in enhancing the UK-India relationship in science and research

In the last 5 years, RCUK, the Government of India and their partners have together invested £150million in co-funded research programmes. Main objective was to increase awareness of the mainresearch challenges on both the areas, Gain a better understanding of the potential for UK and India, to work together on delivering solutions, Gain an overview of existing UK and Indian investments in this area and Position the RCUK-India research collaboration for the future.

The roundtable brought together leading academics, policy makers and thought leaders from India andthe UK to discuss the issue of Big Data and E-Infrastructure. Theroundtable were co-chaired by Professor David De Roure (University of Oxford) and Dr GautamShroff (Vice President & Chief Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs, Delhi), Professor Tony Roskilly (University of Newcastle, UK)and Ms Amita Sharma (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Human Resources Development,India).

Ms Karuna Gopal , President of FFC presented the summary of discussions at the BIGDATA and the SMART CITIES Roundtable..
Nov 2013  

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CORPORATES for CITIES To Develop a “ SMART CITY PROTOCOL“ for Indian Cities – collaborative effort between Industry, Government and Civil Society In progress Conceived by us
SENTIMENT ANALYSIS - Hyderabad A SMART tool for city leaders to know what citizens are thinking – be it about Traffic, Governance, pot holes or parks, air quality or ambience of the city, the “user experience” shared via social media will be processed real time to give a snap shot of Hyderabad.

This analysis will prop other channels used to gauge public opinion like local newspapers and local news broadcasts.

We at FFC believe that it’s a fantastic way to know the pulse of the city and to course correct for a better city brand.

We have partnered with Gramener, a data analytics and visualization company in developing this application.
FFC & Gramener

Year 2013
Conceived by us
FACIAL SIGNATURE Crime Prevention – Detection

“FACIAL SIGNATURE” is a new way to handle identity of a person. It is built on 3 dimensional face recognition technique a newly emerging trend that uses 3D sensors to capture information about the shape of a face to provide more accuracy.

  • Real time & highly secured data processing
  • Considers human anatomy & nodal Points
  • Novel & highly descriptive 2D-3D mixed method
FFC & Voice of Big Data (VoBD)

Year 2013
BIG DATA – Group Detection Crime Analytics

Group Detect: Identified network patterns from more than a billion Call Data Records
Call Data Records (CDRs) received from multiple telecom providers, various entities – individuals or groups were identified –The goal was to identify close knit communities with certain characteristics in topology and features such as:
  • Call volume (number of calls)
  • Duration of each call
  • Direction
  • of the calls (Unidirectional and Bidirectional).
  • Time of the calls
  • Nature of Communication (Voice, SMS etc.,)
  • Location of the calls etc.,

Our Solution:
  • Can identify groups of any size (defined by the user) with lightening speed. Our benchmark suggests processing 1 Billion CDRs under 120 min.
  • Ability to perform graph searches - query data from either relations, characteristics or topology.
  • Visualization and traversal of groups with ability to drill down to any detail.
  • Automated identification of groups on a periodic basis by means of creating trending reports on the suspicious groups.
FFC & Zettamine Technologies

Year – 2012-13
Certification for Affordable Housing Construction Materials, Energy and Environment, Community Participation TUV Rheinland (Germany) & Ashoka Innovators

Year - 2012
Project Managers

Global Summit for making Indian Cities Livable
  • City Visioning
  • Prioritizing Infrastructure
  • Investments
  • Co-Creation
  • Technology Deployment
Government of Andhra Pradesh APREDA Year - 2011 Summit Partner

CROWD SOURCED Knowledge Product to make Indian Cities Livable
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Equity
Conceived and Developed by FFC  
SUSTAINABLE CITIES – Global Benchmarks, Best & Next Practice study 15 Global Leaders from 5 Continents spent 3 weeks visiting Washington DC, New Orleans, SanFrancisco, Seattle to present and gather information US Department of State - A flagship program of US Government for foreign leaders

Year 2011
FFC Represented India
CITIZENS for CITY Hyderabad
  • PPPP (Public Private People Partnership) program
  • 100 Private sector firms participated for city development
Foundation for Futuristic Cities Year 2009  
Andhra Pradesh Water Sector Reforms
Developing a Guidance Document
(Knowledge Product)
State Wide Stakeholder

Consultations GAP Analysis

Guidance document for Reforms
ASCI Partner Agency
HERITAGE CIRCUIT in Andhra Pradesh

A marquee project, unique in concept and design
Detailed Project Report for Government of India Rs.1350 Crore Was allocated by Government of India

Year 2006-2007
Foundation for Futuristic Cities Concept Design and Detailed Project Report
Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) – City Development Plan (CDP) Implementation in Agra City Overall guidance in Reform Implementation vendor selection, due diligence, EOI, Bid Preparation, Capacity Building Government of India

Year – 2006
Technaical Advisory Support
Water Sector Reforms (Media Conclave) New Delhi Media as a Strategic Partner for driving Water Sector Reforms in the country Ministry of Urban Development USAID

Year -2006
Partner Agency
JNNURM Technical Assistance
Implementation of recommendations in City Development Plans ASCI

Year 2006
City Development Strategy (CDS) for Hyderabad
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure Investments
  • Service Delivery Improvements
  • Poverty Alleviation –slum up gradation
Cities Alliance, UN Habitat, Water & Sanitation Program (WSP) Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) -

Year – 2003
Task Force Member
Andhra Pradesh Urban Services for Poor (APUSP) City level reforms in 42 municipalities of Andhra Pradesh

Institutional Development Report
INR 545 Crore project of DFID (UK) – GHK International (UK)

Year- 2003
Institutional Development Expert
  1. Institutional Development for JNNURM Mission Cities
  2. Municipal Corporations of Raipur
  3. Vijayawada
  4. Visakhapatnam
  5. Hyderabad Water Board (HMWSSB)
  • Institutional Development Report
  • Audits, Gap Analysis
  • Capacity Building plan
  • Financial investment plan

Year – 2003
Partner Agency
Delhi Jal Board (DJB)
  • Visioning
  • Utility Reform Program
  • Capacity building
World Bank
Year – 2004
Expert – Reforms
National Water Supply & Drainage Board – Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Utility Reforms
  • Capacity building

Transition Management Experts
City Development Plan Training (JNNURM Compliance)

Training for
  • IAS officers
  • Municipal Commissioners
  • Mayors of JNNURM Cities
Word Bank Institute (WBI) & Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Designed and deployed courses

City Visioning
Multiple Consultations with Stakeholders
City Development Plans Evaluation

Evaluation of City Development Plans of some JNNURM Cities – compliance with the norms and financial investment plans to maximize the potential of the cities ASCI – JNNURM Mission Directorate Partner
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