Raison d'être

We are a Hyderabad based Smart Cities Think Tank with a vision “Vibrant Cities for a Vibrant India”. We enjoy International mindshare as the harbingers of New Age Thinking. We demonstrated that INNOVATION AND CO-CREATION are indeed the key ingredients of smart development thru our flagship initiatives, "SCULPT your CITY, CORPORATES for CITIES and STOC (State of Cities).

Recently, under the theme "SURGE" – SMART URBANIZATION Reinventing Growth with Equity, we have conceptualized frameworks on SMART Procurement, SMART Partnerships and SMART INCLUSION. The underlying theme of these frameworks is Economic Development, Sustainability and Social Equity - we aspire to achieve them thru Public Private People Partnerships (PPPP) and Technology Innovations.

We dreamt of 'Urban Transformation' when Cities in India were not in the news. We popularized the concept of PPPP back in 2009 thru our Citizens for City initiative. Our experience of consulting in the city space gave us adequate insights into city governance issues. We used the eyewear of both eagle and ant to nuance policy and Implementation challenges. Convinced that instruments aimed at cosmetic changes rarely rectify the systemic problems of Indian Cities and questioning the very paradigm on which they rely, we at FFC started developing knowledge products and evolved a 'Knowledge Management Framework' for accelerating urban transformation in India. We are currently developing a "SMART CITY Protocol" for Indian cities collaborating with Technology, Government and Corporate partners. This includes a wide range of solutions from developing a framework for Smart Cities, BIG DATA and predictive analytics for safe cities, City Sentiment Analysis, Situation Awareness Tools (STOC) and mobile Apps for better city life thru Hackathons and Devthons being just a few in the suite.

Our prescription for SMART & LIVABLE Cities ??
Many Hearts must resonate to the city’s vision, Many Minds must Meditate on the solutions and Many Hands must Shape the contours of development.

We request you to join us in this endeavor of Co-Creating Indian Cities...

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